Idea: Change Coach or CC’s for short

As we make an educational shift in this province/country, an idea crept into my mind. The idea would be to hire Change Coaches to assist the division and school staff with change. Who am I kidding….in the educational world we would have to give these fine folks an acronym like CC for Change Coach. These CC’s would have to be an experienced master teacher with a strong background in technology. Depending on the size of a school division, one could hire three to five CC’s to collaborate together to help school staffs.


Change is coming in Alberta Education and this paragraph will give you some of the background. Change in Alberta is guided by the Ministerial Order. This order will help with the Curriculum Redesign which is guided by the Inspiring Education document. Another initiative that will hopefully aid this process of change is the Learning and Technology Framework. As you can see, this educational shift will be a large undertaking and a school division will need to assist their staffs with these shifts.

How will CC’s help? Their overarching goal would be to help staff with the changes in education. As the curriculum goes through a redesign, the CC could help the teacher:

  • Create a new lesson/unit complete with competencies.
  • Observing and working with the teacher as they infuse new ideas into their classroom.
  • Help them build connect wthem ith a PLN.
  • Co-teach.
  • Assist and implement new technology.
  • Assist with the latest and greatest app.
  • Explore some Project Based Learning (PBL) ideas that could cover multiple competencies.
  • Reorganizing your room to help with modern learning.
  • Help a staff, parents, and students move to paperless.

CC’s could create simple instructional videos that help with the latest technology. How about instructional videos to help teachers, students, and parents with technology? After all we are in the business of educating. A great example is in Lloydminster Pubilc School division they have some tutorials for teachers and some for student/parents to help them through various tasks. Also can I make a bold point here: It does not matter if you have an experienced teacher or a new fresh teacher straight out of University, we all can use some education when it comes to technology.

Do CC’s replace the instructional leader? No! They help the leader and the entire staff try new ideas through this educational shift. I thought of this idea after thinking about change, technology, project base learning, curriculum redesign….sorry my mind is a messy place. Send me your thoughts @vatcherg I know there are more great ideas out there!


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